Meta: getting real

Just a quick update.  My surge of motivation last year wasn’t enough to overcome the functional challenges I face in blogging, and frankly, that didn’t come as much of a surprise.  But that’s fine.  For now, I’ve mostly rolled things back to their pre-2011 state.  With few exceptions, I’ve dumped the prematurely added categories and posts that just didn’t belong.  Feels better this way.

I will be doing my best over the next week or so to come up with some kind of response to the Scarborough Atrocity.  The NYU/CSC “Ransom Notes” campaign and the Autism Speaks “I Am Autism” video were awful, but in terms of widespread long-term harm to the autistic community, this really does appear to be much, MUCH worse.  Just flinging tweets at the world won’t do, not this time.  So expect something on the topic to appear here before long.

Otherwise, visitors should still expect my updates to be infrequent & sporadic, as they have always been.

Best wishes always,



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