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David K. March


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Rap sheet:

Male. Caucasian. Mid-40s. Tallish, slender build. Last seen in the vicinity of Springfield, Missouri (USA), wearing gray baseball cap and reading glasses. Should be considered un-armed and pathetically un-dangerous, even to himself. Approach with caution anyway.

Oh, and that picture to your right? That is not me. That is Ben. Ben is a cat. Ben does not blog. Ben will not contrive to beguile you with witticisms. No. Ben will eat your shoes. If you do not take Ben seriously, then Ben will eat your face. You have been warned.

The Serious Dirt:

Occupation: dabbler, perpetual student (informally), volunteer and human rights activist.

Socioeconomic status: not traditionally employed; lifestyle and livelihood marked by extreme yet comfortable minimalism; my “carbon footprint” is to LIVE for.

Political orientation: independent small-p progressive, egalitarian, pacifist.

Sex / gender orientation(s): I am “emotionally heterosexual,” meaning that I only develop romantic attachments to women; as for other inclinations, I consider myself slightly bisexual and slightly transgendered; occasional recreational gender-bender. Unashamed. Live with it.

Relationship status: single / celibate, not sexually active, & not looking. Peace of mind appeals to me.

Religious orientation: agnostic, or “agnostic atheist”; my position on religion is merely an incidental application of my philosophical orientation.

Philosophical orientation: epistemic fallibilism — all expressions of human cognition, especially knowledge and belief, must be treated as inherently incomplete and/or inconsistent, and therefore inherently fallible; only reality itself is objective, human cognition cannot be.

Moral / ethical profile: heavily influenced by Buddhist ethics, especially as coinciding with my philosophical orientation; committed to, and immersed mid-stream in, a lifetime of self-reform; unimpressed with most conventional “morality,” as “mores” are a socially constructed hand-me-down accumulation — unthinkingly transmitted and unthinkingly adopted — of unspoken biases and overt prejudices.

Neurodevelopmental profile: “aspie,” “autie,” “Asperger’s autistic,” or just plain autistic, depending on how you like your labels (I like mine with lemon and a pinch of salt); superficially “normal,” but my history is largely consistent with “autism spectrum” styles of development; highly skilled in a narrow range of linguistic communication (part of the time), but none too fluent in nonverbal communication.

People who like to think of themselves as “mind-readers” reeeally don’t like me. :-D


SO, does that just about cover it?



Say what you will (*cough*), but at present, all incoming comments on my blog will be held in queue for approval. This may change. I don’t know yet. I am more than happy to expose myself to criticism, so long as your comments are reasonably civil, AND do not rely on manipulative rhetoric. But please be aware that I may not answer comments. Also, if your only real reason for commenting is self-promotion, please don’t. I promise to make every effort to show you the same respect on your own blog or site. But ABOVE ALL, I absolutely will not tolerate the use of my blog as a battleground for flamewars between commenters. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS. In anticipating cries of “censorship!,” I need only point out that WordPress.com is not public property, and neither is my blog. I am more than sympathetic to the need for open exchange of views and information, but my own resources are quite limited in pretty much every sense. Thus, I will deal with comments as my own capacities and limitations may require.

Thank you.


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