Item #5

You guessed it!

This page is the future new home of the first independent mirror-listing of:

~The Subpoena Club~

The Finest Autism Blogroll on the Web!

Club Rules:

1) Always remember, any pseudo-legal attack on Katleen Seidel is an attack on ALL of us. So, RESIST and BLOG!

2) Clifford J. Shoemaker, and his associates and admirers, are hereby BARRED FOR LIFE from entering this club. So just sit tight, Cliffy — your “WAAAAHmbulance” is on it’s way.

To all others, welcome, and enjoy the show!

Autism & Disability Sites & Blogs

Immunization Action Coalition

Bartholomew Cubbins

Abnormal Diversity

Action for Autism

Along The Spectrum

Andrea’s Buzzing About

The Art of Being Asperger Woman

Ask An Aspie

The ASMan

Asperger Square 8

Asperger’s Conversations

Aspie Dad

Aspie Home Education


Aspies For Freedom

Autiemom Speaks Out

Autism Blog

The Autism Crisis: Science & Ethics of Autism Advocacy

Autism Diva

Autism Natural Variation

Autism Podcast

Autism Squeaks

Autism Street

Autism Vox

Autism Watch

Autism’s Edges


Autistic Adults Picture Project

Autistic Advocacy

Autistic Conjecture of the Day

Autistic Dad

Autistic Health


Bartholomew Cubbins on Autism

Chewing the Fat

Club 166

Commentary on the State of the World

Desperately Seeking Ethics & Reason


Ed’s Autism Page

The Family Voyage

Greener Pastures

Grey Matter/White Matter

Hard Won Wisdom

Hazardous Pastimes

Hollywood Spectrum

Homo Autistic


Hypnagogic Malcontent

I Speak of Dreams

Ian Johnson’s neurodiversity blog

in regione caecorum rex est luscus

Incorrect Pleasures


iRunman Blog

Jedi Workshop

The Joy of Autism

Killer of Sacred Cows

The Kingdom of Laurentius Rex

Left Brain/Right Brain

Life in the New Republic

The Life That Chose Me

Memory Leaves

meow meow meow… blah blah blah

Misadventures from a Different Perspective

The Misbehaviour of Behaviourists (Discussion Board)

Mom Not Otherwise Specified

Mom to Mr. Handsome

More Than a Label

Mother of Shrek

My Act of Combating Neurobigotry

My Son Has Autism

My Son’s Autism

Neurotypicals Are Weird

No Autistics Allowed

Not Mercury



One Dad’s Opinion

Parenting a Complex Special Needs Child


Pre-Rain Man Autism

Processing in Parts

Radio Calico

Ragged Edge

Random Reminiscing Ramblings

The Rettdevil’s Rants

Shh… Mum Is Thinking

Silver Cuckoo

Slurping Life

Snippets: Short Takes on Autistic Topics

So Much For Mercury

Soapbox Mom

Stop. Think. Autism.

Susan Senator

Sweet Perdition

This Mom

This Way of Life

A Touch of Alyricism

Translating Autism: Autism Research

29 Marbles

Unstrange Minds

We Go To School To Think

Whirled Peas

Whitterer on Autism

Whose Planet Is It Anyway?

Wikipedia on Neurodiversity

Zoe Notes


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  1. […] been left off the subpoena and might be interested in rectifiying that) Update: see dkmnow’s The Subpoena Club New York Personal Injury Attorney Blog Abuse of process Swiftspeech! Quash this unconstitutional, […]

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