Yearbook Too Good For Short Bus Rabble?

Or is it just another case of the same old pedestrian status quo negligence, born of socially constructed ignorance, that always governs the behavior of the privileged toward atypical and non-privileged members of society?

Does it matter which? Intent may signify malice, but if the cause is mere ignorance and carelessness, what’s the difference? The effect is the same.

For the particulars in this case, here’s the scoop:

School Leaves Autistic Kids Out Of Yearbook
Parents Say Act Done Intentionally, School Disagrees

June 18, 2008

ROSEVILLE, Calif. — The parents of twin autistic boys left out of a yearbook are accusing the school of discrimination.

Darla Granger said her sons Holden and Hunter were purposely left out of their Roseville, Calif., school yearbook — along with the rest of the school’s special needs children.

“When your own school district and the people that are supposed to be there to support you and your kids and your situation sort of shun you, it is hurtful,” Granger said.

Holden and Hunter Granger, who are in second grade, are students of the Placer County Board of Education, which assigns special-need students to various schools within the district.

The boys are in a collage photo in the yearbook, but the school’s special needs class, including teachers, is missing.

“I got the book and was excited to look up their class and see their pictures with their names and their teachers, and they weren’t in it,” Granger said.

Darla and her husband, Blandon, have filed a complaint with the Placer County Board of Education, but said they aren’t taking legal action and would just like to ensure that the class pictures of their children and other special-needs students are included in future yearbooks.

The Placer County superintendent who oversees the special needs program at Quail Glen Elementary said she thinks the incident was an oversight, not a malicious act.

“I do have a hard time understanding how they could have not noticed that every autistic child from their campus was missing,” Darla Granger said.

The boys’ father said he doesn’t know if the act was intentional but doesn’t think care was given to include the children with special needs in the yearbook.

“I just felt like I needed to speak out,” Blandon Granger said. “I feel like we are owed an apology.”

Sources (same story on different sites):

At the moment the customary frenzy of finger-pointing has yet to commence, so that’s about all the information on this matter that’s available to the public. But I think it’s more than enough to warrant some polite inquiries and expressions of concern to certain parties within the education system. This kind of carelessness may seem trivial to most people, but it is a symptom of an enormous, pervasive and devastating social disease. And it must be put into perspective as such — a perspective that must ultimately be made inescapable to those who would otherwise see no point in recognizing it. The privileged masses and their “authorities” rarely suffer any ill effects, or so they like to believe, but they are the carriers, and as such, they must be made to see the consequences of the socially constructed diseases they so carelessly spread.

Toward that end, I have thrown together a list of (hopefully) relevant Placer County contacts. It’s time, yet again, to make our voices heard.

Placer County Office of Education
360 Nevada Street
Auburn, CA 95603

Gayle Garbolino-Mojica, Placer County Superintendent of Schools

Keith Bray, Administrator

Larry Mozes, Assistant Superintendent, Student Services

Susan Bolton, Special Education Coordinator

Glenda Lightfoot, Special Education Coordinator

Cyndi Stone, Principal/Coordinator

Michael Warych, Principal/Coordinator

Susan Watts, Special Education Director

9707 Cook Riolo Road
Roseville, CA 95747
Phone: (916) 771-0646
Fax: (916) 771-0650

Mark Geyer, Superintendent

Lynn Barbaria, Special Education Director

Louise Santana, Student Services Director

Quail Glen Elementary School
1250 Canevari Drive
Roseville, CA 95747
Phone: (916) 789-7100
Fax: (916) 789-7113

Tracy Robinson, Principal

Renee McCann, School Secretary


6 Responses to Yearbook Too Good For Short Bus Rabble?

  1. CS says:

    Excellent post. I’ll be emailing tonight. Thanks for bringing attention to this.

  2. CS says:

    all this work u did and mine is the only comment? Its a crime i tell ya’.

  3. Sharon says:

    I am only reading about this now.
    There are so many stories of discrimination in the media. It’s disgusting these things are still happening, but better to see people speaking out against it more.

    Great post.

  4. Colleen says:

    no excuse for this. none.

  5. Candii661 says:

    In all the chat about Placer County has anybody heard about the Stoneridge Elementary School that also left out the students from the pre-school, as well as the staff. I know a lot of focus has been put on the Drycreek Elementary School incident, however how can another school by pushed aside, as the same exact incident happened.

    NO COVERAGE HAS BEEN PUT TOWARDS THE CHILDREN THAT WERE LEFT OUT OF THE SCHOOLS YEAR BOOK. The same things are happening in Placer County district wide, for example children not having the proper faciclity, run down class rooms. Stoneridge has about 9-12 classrooms that are not in use at all, and the poor children with speical needs are put off in a gated area like they are animals.

    Something is wrong with the Principal of a school takes NO ACTION on any matter about staff being rude to the children and staff being rude to the staff in the preschool. Who runs the school the volunteer yearbook parents??

    What a shame this has happened.

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