Evidence of Barm

(or, Data?! We don’t need no stinkin’ data!)

So, the Gub’ment conceded that one girl’s quasi-autistic characteristics might have been aggravated by some jab or other … and that’s conclusive proof that autism is caused by vaccines. Gawd, I love America! Big Pharma must be peeing their socks in delight over this spectacular distraction from their real atrocities. And what better way to help marginalize dissenters and their pathological obsession with “fact-checking”?

Well, who knows where scientists and autistics get their crazy ideas, anyway, and who cares? For normal people, sixty-two thousand four hundred repetitions make one truth, and researching the netertoobs goes something like this:

Scientist: The Earth is round.

DragonBallZFan: It looks flat to me.

AnnCoulter: The Earth is flat, you godless, anti-American, terrorist-supporting liberals! And you know why? Science said it’s not flat, and science is always wrong because it conflicts with the Bible!

QB253X2: Get a year’s supply of Viagra for just $14.95 at htttp://www.stealyouridentity.info

[Shamelessly snarfed from a recent comment on Slashdot.]

And everyone wants to be normal, whether they’re sane enough to admit it or not. Any sicko who wants more proof that autism is caused by vaccines doesn’t deserve to live in the Magic Kingdom Of Free Money. They should be waterboarded and deported back to Aflaqistan where they belong.

The only facts that matter are Gawd-Loving Red Blooded American Dollars, and the only data that matters is what’s displayed on the boards on Wall Street, and the numbers on the checks that pay for the repackaging of parental guilt remanufacturing of poor defective little children.

Yeah. If argumentum ad populum is good enough for real people, then it should be good enough for me. Right?


(Sorry — I’m too disgusted to say anything intelligent about all this, but for some reason, the sarcastic remarks just keep pouring out of me.)


3 Responses to Evidence of Barm

  1. kristina says:

    And where does a certain journalist get his…..one really wonders!

  2. dkmnow says:

    I hope the post stays put this time. I tried posting at least half a dozen times, but WordPress kept eating it.

    As for David Kirby, yeah — I think he gets his “data” from the same place George W. Bush gets his. Thomas Szasz’s classic observation, “If you talk to God, that’s called prayer; but if God talks to you, you’re schizoprenic,” needs to be appended to include, “unless you’re revered by millions of gullible sycophants.”

  3. Club 166 says:

    David, you’re too funny!


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