Update On Posts Blocked by NYU/CSC “Town Hall”

As was made clear by events on and following Tuesday, Feb. 26, NYU’s Child Study Center failed to live up to its promise of providing an open forum for discussion of children’s mental health (though they would have us believe otherwise). However, it would appear that Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz is gradually making good on his subsequent promise to reply via private e-mail to those posts which were blocked.

As evidence, I have just received a reply to one of my posts, which I will be deconstructing shortly for your enjoyment the purpose of furthering open dialog.

Moreover, the e-mail reply DID include, as expected, a copy of my original post, and presumably, this will be the case with all such replies. What that means is that those of you who were blocked will have a second chance to re-insert your voice into the sphere of public debate where it belongs.. If you wish, when you receive your reply, I will be happy to add the text of your original post to the current list of those that were gagged blocked by Koplewicz and crew. (yes, I know — I still need to polish up the list’s introductory text — bear with me)

I’ll add your post(s) to the list ONLY with your express permission, and if you prefer that your entry be listed anonymously, please let me know. If you would like your name/handle to link to a blog, website, or e-mail address, please provide those details as well. PLEASE SEND POSTS, permissions, and other details to me at my primary e-mail addressand please include “NYU/CSC” in the subject line so I’ll know it’s not spam.

Thank you,



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