Just Because…

Happily, I have just been informed that I have been added to the incomparable Autism Hub lineup, and by way of introduction, I can think of nothing more appropriate than:


There was a fish called the gillygoofang…

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which swam backward to keep the water out of its eyes.


The gillygoofang bewildered all the trout in the brook,

not because it swam backward to keep the water out of its eyes,

but because…



[From The Gillygoofang, by George Mendoza, illustrated by Mercer Mayer, The Dial Press, Inc., New York. Now out of print.]


6 Responses to Just Because…

  1. Maddy says:

    Fantabulous! What a great introduction and welcome. Goldfish rule around here of course.

  2. Club 166 says:

    Ah, welcome, David!

    I look forward to reading many a fine post.


  3. Ms. Clark says:


    Fun. :-)

  4. Bev says:

    Welcome to the Hub, David K March!

  5. alyric says:

    Joe, DKM is incomparable! I’m looking forward to many a fine post – and if he slacks off – I’ll probably have to nag:)

  6. Welcome, and thanks for the link! You’re linked back now. :)

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